Cellar Cooling

Whilst Britain is famed the world over for our ‘warm’ beer, it doesn’t always have to be the case!

Gardiff Catering cellar coolers provide a complete range of reliable, energy efficient units designed to maintain temperatures required in beer and wine cellars. That way you know you beer, wine and drinks are kept at the optimum temperature for your customers.

Our modern units are calibrated to operate down to 4°C making them suitable for extending the life of perishable goods such as fruit, flowers or vegetables.

Gardiff Catering are not tied to any particular manufacturer and we will service and maintain any brand of cellar cooling system to ensure that your equipment operates at maximum efficiency at all times.

Why not contact us to discuss how our bespoke Cellar Cooling solutions can benefit your business. Call Gardiff Catering TODAY on 0845 0600 406 or email info@gardiff.com

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